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Regarding the skin, reports has shown that it absorbs 60% of everything we use on it, especially through the palm, that means chemicals as well. An advice will be to read carefully the ingredients in your day-to-day products and if you don’t know what those mean, it will be a question mark. Try to avoid parabens that leads to endocrine disruption, found in breast cancer tissues, preservatives that are used in food, pharmaceuticals  and cosmetics industries.


In this moment, when the market has so many things to offer, we find it difficult to choose. The organic skin care is the safest to go with. Below you can find the reason for this:

Natural ingredients. The term ‘natural’ is one of the most misleading terms used in cosmetic industry. Is a term that easily induce in error, especially as most often is accompanied by green leaves and beautiful colours that you’re sending mind to vegetables that are bursting health. The truth is that a natural product can contain extract from a plant that is treated with pesticides and insecticides from seed to harvest stage. Even if the label contains some (usually 2-3) certified organic products, the rest of ingredients are synthetic toxins.

Organic ingredients are those ingredients derived from vegetables, fruits and herbs. For a product to be certified organic must contain at least 95% certified organic ingredients. What does organic origin means? The ingredients must come from organic culture. This is subject to inspections, checks and mandatory rules. Culture must not be treated with chemicals, pesticides, toxins or derived from genetically modified seeds. Growing and harvesting of these ingredients must be done respecting environmental standards, does not pollute the environment. For example: Shea butter and Tea Tree oil are produced from wild harvest, therefore harvest should be done in an environmentally friendly manner so that their natural habitat is not destroyed. They must be certified organic ingredients without animal testing. To be animal cruelty free.

Bio ingredients and organic ingredients are very close. As in this case, the raw material has to be raised in an environment without toxins and chemicals. Harvesting should be done in an environmentally friendly manner without polluting. Earth is helped to regain the ability to produce again nutrients, vitamins and minerals needed to grow healthy plants. The only problem is that without a certified organic label and content of ingredients whose origin is unknown, it is just another misleading term.

Eco ingredients are those ingredients that come from culture and harvesting the raw material in conditions that do not alter the environment. Usually products containing such ingredients does not specify if the material is part of an organic culture. The harvesting can be an environmentally friendly process but the final product is not necessarily friendly to us.

There are companies that produce cosmetics with organic ingredients but the final product is not certified. Why? Due to the high costs necessary for certification.

The conclusion?

Read labels! Document yourself about synthetic chemicals used in cosmetics and choose the efficient and healthy way.

Our Skin Care range is made with Organic content between 94% and 100% , we are not using water. alcohol and synthetic chemicals.

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