What you have to know about skin care pH

Hello everyone!
For today post I decided to write a little bit about some facts related to skin care, facts that are really important to take in consideration when you purchase your skin products.
The most important thing about a skin care product is the pH. Using a product with a wrong pH will make your skin crying and don’t worry, you will receive the messages. This messages can be under form of red spots, inflammation, acne, itchy zones because your skin has a pH that makes a reaction with a different pH.
Now, if you take your face cream right now and read the pH, will appear as being
“balanced ”. That says exactly nothing.
Each type of skin has different pH. Usually we have the same type all over our body.
For example: normal skin has a pH a little bit acid as it is 5.5 ~ 6, dry skin, eczema has an alkaline pH and oily skin has an acid pH.
Now, most of the skin care products found on shelves with a “balanced” pH have in fact way more then 7. For example bar soaps have the pH around 9 and shampoos have around 8.
While we have to keep our skin in slightly acid conditions we have to keep our inside in alkaline ones. The purest water should have the pH ~ 7.
For a healthy body I really believe that it’s important to go back to what nature gives us. All this processed food, chemicals, preservatives (that makes the product acid so that germs not develop ), drogs, sweeteners will make us have all kind of health issues and affects our immune system.
I strongly believe that eating what nature provide for us, in exactly the same fo*rm is the answer for an overall health.
Now, I want to share with you a fact that was discovered between the readings of this week.
Probably lots of you already know that crushing some ivy leaves and keep it on the temples will make the headache go away.
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