Dry hair? Nailed it!

Since I was a child I had really dry hair. Every time I got a haircut the only advice I received was to buy that kind of hair mask or to buy that kind of shampoo. Anyway  the time has passed and my dry hair was still there, with a kind of Tina Turner look and not shinning. I was using the straightener for a long period of time and I realized too late that my hair could’t be saved anymore. In that moment I promised myself that I will use no color, no hair masks until I’ll find out what is wrong with it. For me it was the water. I wasn’t drinking water at all. When I started to drink water not only my hair become stronger, shinier but I didn’t had to use the straightener anymore.

There can be several reasons why hair is dry but what happens is that the outer layer of hair is damaged and is not retaining moisture. So you need to repair this layer and your hair it will be healthy and shinny and my favorite aspect: silkSTZ30BEAUTYHAIRNEW_1172001ky. Now, the hair can be treated, even thou I read and read over internet that once you have dry hair the only thing that you can do is a haircut. Is not! You can treat you hair if you give it what it needs.

Reasons for having dry hair can be the weather, poor diet, stress, acid hair care products, as in my case the lack of water in the body and probably way more causes but this that I mentioned are quite common.

What you can do? Let’s start with the food. Healthy hair needs fats, proteins, Vitamin A, Vitamin B complex, Zinc, and Iron.

Eating fish and yogurt is a really good option for hair because of fats Omega and Pro Vitamin B5?( pantothenic acid) which are quite vital for healthy hair. Also there’s quinoa and chia seeds that are really rich in proteins and fats and can be sparkled on top of salads and other meals. Pumpkin seeds are rich in Zinc, proteins and Iron. Spinach is a really good option for Iron and Vitamin B (2 and 6). Nuts and avocado also are really good.

Stress is one of the most common reason of our century for lots of disease. Practicing some exercise daily  will make your blood flow and will increase the levels of oxygen in your brain witch will help to focus better and find solutions. Another way of stress relief is meditation. There’s multiple ways of meditation so you can choose the one that is the best for you. I can suggest Heartfulness meditation or you can just sit in a comfortable position with your eyes closed and try not to think about anything for 15 minutes in the morning and for 15 in the evening. Also try to adopt a more positive attitude.

Products that we use on our hair are the most important because it influence the hair in the first place. A dry, dull hair will need a shampoo, with a pH acidity between 4.5 – 5.5. This is the balanced pH for dry scalp. If it’s lower will make your hair greasy and it it’s higher will make it really dry, will force the follicles to open. Also the conditioner has to be a softener one, especially detangling one based on oils. You can apply on your ends some organic oils like Jojoba and Argan in small quantity. Vegetal Micro – Keratine for me had worked great. You can add some in your shampoo and in conditioner as well. I am using this hair mask: http://naturespa-onlinestore.com/product/hair-mask-dry-hair/

Some hair masks that can be made at home and really help dry scalp are:

  1. Avocado, honey and Organic Jojoba oil: add one half of avocado with 1 spoon of honey and one spoon of Jojoba in the blender. Mix it till becomes a fine paste otherwise will be really difficult to wash it from hair. Apply mask on dry hair over night. Use a shower cap to help maintain the moisture of the scalp. Instead  of Jojoba oil you can use Coconut, Argan, Kukui, Castor or Camelia (Green Tea) oil and instead of avocado you can use one banana.
  2. Shea Butter with Argan oil and Honeyquat. Mix one to one parts from shea butter and oil and add 5 drops of honeyquat and apply it as in the first recipe.

Good look in obtaining the hair that you dream about and I invite you to leave a comment with your natural method of having a gorgeous hair.

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