Health Alarm! What you really know about skin care?

It has become absolutely necessary to put under the magnifying glass the skin care products which at the moment contain 166 different chemicals, many of which are classified as endocrine system disruptors.
As breathing is a natural mechanism, in the same way the skin naturally absorbs some of the nutrients and vitamins from skin care products and form together a symbiosis which improves skin appearance. It is therefore of paramount importance that we use quality products.

Just as the air you breathe can be clean or polluted and toxic (we all know the devastating effects can have on our quality of life) skin care products can also have the same effect due to its content. You can choose the “clean air”, with no side effects, working as part of nature by using 100% organic products or as close to 100%. Oils and organic butters provide the amount of nutrients necessary for proper functioning of the skin (dermis and epidermis).

100% Organic Handmade Cosmetics wants to fire a warning about cosmetics and skin care products from commerce, as countless studies and research have brought forward chemicals that affect our health and are found in these products. European Comission mentions the following chemicals being endocrine system disruptors: parabens, aluminum, coal tar, formaldehyde, petroleum, triclosan. These chemicals are not only affecting your skin and health, which should be your first concern,by being carcinogenic and endocrine system disruptors, but have a huge impact on the environment as well. The endocrine system is made of glands, hormones and is the link between our nervous system and bodily functions such as reproduction, immunity, metabolism. These endocrine disruptors CAN AFFECT reproductive performance, immune system abnormalities, cancer.

On the market small business are producing handmade organic skin care and are true gems for persons who are looking for a healthy and natural lifestyle.

100% Organic Handmade Cosmetics products are safe to use being made only with organic oils and butters. Because I am producing these creams, devotion and my involvement are immeasurable, all recipes are the result of long studies and experiments to obtain current products that have proven effective in tests conducted before being put on sale and then confirmed by customers. Because these products are made from organic oils with food grade (safest one), it is impossible the occurrence of adverse skin reactions as long as people involved are not allergic to ingredients.

The fact that I control the whole operation, excludes negligence that may arise in the process of manufacturing high-turnover, in any of the stages, beginning with sterilization of containers to packaging the finished product, which gives me the possibility to assure a high level of product quality.
Each oil has different properties depending on the plant from which is made and when multiples oils are mixed together they bring their individual properties to support the recovery process of the skin.

Products made from 100% oils and butters are able to spread well which means that a very small amount can be spread over a bigger surface. As compared quantity – price, a cream that has the first ingredient water, covers an area between 4 – 6 times smaller than a cream made from oils and butters. That makes a 30 ml cream be the equivalent of a 120 – 180 ml water-based cream.
The quality and the results are the true value of organic skin care products and they are worth investing in because you will obtain the indicated results. You can opt for my products or any other organic products you prefer, just keep in mind that you and your skin deserves the best and make a habit to read the ingredients and to avoid all marketing strategies that keep you away from a healthy and wise choice.

Be kind with your skin!

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