Organic Cucumber extract

Organic Cucumber Extract

Organic Cucumber Extract – cucumis sativus fruit extract, it’s an skin conditioning agent used in skin care for oily / mixt skin because of it’s astringent and sebum secretion balancing.

Along with water, cucumber has vitamins like Vitamin C , B and K and minerals like Potassium, Calcium Magnesium. It’s also very efficient when used to remove pigmentation and in skin rejuvenation treatments.


  • reduces skin sebum secretion
  • decreases skin melanin meaning skin pigmentation
  • rejuvenates the skin
  • has smoothing effect on the skin
  • helps minimize fine lines through hydration
  • has cooling effect  and together with vitamin K helps with dark circles and puffiness under eyes
  • tightens open pores
  • slows down cellular deterioration


  • Cucumber is a vegetable rich in vitamin C and vitamin B (Musmade & Desai, 1998)
  • in 2011, in African Journal of Biotechnology was published the study: Exploring cucumber extract for skin rejuvenation (Akhtar, A Mehmood, BA Khan, T Mahmood, H Muhammad, S Khan, T Saeed). the authors conclude that Cucumber Extract used for 4 weeks reduced pigmentation and sebum secretion.
  •  Howard Murad published his research on JARCP The Journal of Aging Research & Clinical Practice, named  ” Evaluating the potential benefits of cucumbers for improved health and skin care”. His findings were that Cucumber helps minimize dark circles, pigmentation of the skin and  sebum secretion.

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