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  • Ayurvedic Oil

    Organic Ayurvedic Hair Oil: Castor Oil & Amla


    Organic Ayurvedic Hair Oil is recommended in case of dandruff, hair fall, hair loss, dull hair and:

    • it nourishes the scalp and has conditioning effect on hair;
    • clears the scalp of dandruff;
    • regular applications will stimulate new hairs to grow;
    • prevents early hair graying;
    • is easy to use offering the possibility of clean application;
    • combats hair fall by strenghten the hair roots.

  • Beard Oil

    Organic Beard Oil with Argan and Acai Berries Oil


    Beard Oil:

    • softens the hair;
    • promotes hair growth;
    • moisturises the skin;
    • doesn’t leave greasy film on the beard and skin;
    • only few drops are required for each application.

  • Hair loss mask

    Organic Hair Loss Mask: Amla & Shikakai


    Hair Loss Mask:

    • combats hair fall by strengthening the root
    • promotes hair growth by stimulating circulation at the base of the follicle
    • rich in Vitamin C imperative for collagen structures in hair
    • results seen from the first usage – 30% less hair fallen 

  • Moustache Wax

    Organic Moustache Wax: Castor Oil & Patchouli


    Moustache wax offers medium hold, protects the hair by covering it with a glossy film structure that will hydrate the hair by keeping the moisture inside, available for skin as well, and is a healthy choice for mustache care. Ingredients: Murumuru Butter* Castor Oil* Candelilla Wax Carnauba Wax Hemp Oil* Jojoba Oil* Vitamin E Patchouli…