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  • Dry Hair Shampoo

    Dry Hair Shampoo


    Made with mild surfactants of vegetable origin that are organic certified, enriched with organic Aloe Vera powder, this shampoo is exactly what the dry hair needs.

  • Hair Growth Mask

    Hair Growth Mask


    This organic handmade hair growth mask makes the hair soft and from the first use, you can see less hair fallen at washing time.

  • Dry Hair Mask

    Hair Mask for Dry Hair: Keratin and Shea Butter


    Dry Hair Mask:

    • hydrates the hair;
    • makes the hair shinny and stronger;
    • helps hair to grow;
    • has balanced pH for hair ~ 5.5
    • feeds the hair with vitamins and minerals.

  • Oil for Dry Hair

    Oil for Dry Hair: Jojoba and Argan Oil


    Oil for dry hair:

    • is a mixture of the best oils for hair, that provide essential fatty acids for the nourishment of the hair;
    • castor oil – the most versatile oil out there – has proved to be hair’s best friend being succesful in treating hair loss and helping hair to grow;
    • argan oil (liquid gold) -cold pressed – rich in essential fatty acids, makes the hair vigorous and confers it vitality being helpful especially for coloured, burnt hair;
    • jojoba oil (liquid wax) has almost the same structure with the sebum on the scalp which makes it an amazing oil to treat dry hair or scalp;
    • fortifies the ends of the hair making the hair to look healthier and shinier.

  • Ayurvedic Oil

    Organic Ayurvedic Hair Oil: Castor Oil & Amla


    Organic Ayurvedic Hair Oil is recommended in case of dandruff, hair fall, hair loss, dull hair and:

    • it nourishes the scalp and has conditioning effect on hair;
    • clears the scalp of dandruff;
    • regular applications will stimulate new hairs to grow;
    • prevents early hair graying;
    • is easy to use offering the possibility of clean application;
    • combats hair fall by strenghten the hair roots.

  • Hair loss mask

    Organic Hair Loss Mask: Amla & Shikakai


    Hair Loss Mask:

    • combats hair fall by strengthening the root
    • promotes hair growth by stimulating circulation at the base of the follicle
    • rich in Vitamin C imperative for collagen structures in hair
    • results seen from the first usage – 30% less hair fallen