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  • Anti Aging face cream

    Organic Anti Aging Face Cream: Alpha Hydroxy Acids and Vitamin C


    Anti-Aging Face Cream:

    • has remarkable anti aging properties
    • stimulates collagen synthesis and increases skin elasticity
    • improves wrinkled skin appearance
    • reduce skin pigmentation
    • smooths the skin and supports skin regeneration.

  • Deep hydration cream

    Organic Deep Hydration Cream: Green Tea & Liquorice


    • offers 12 hours of deep hydration and nourishment for your skin;
    • all natural, organic, free of synthetic chemicals.
    • doesn’t clog the pores and absorbs pretty fast into the skin without sticky feeling.
    • protects the skin against premature aging as defends the collagen structures through UV filter.

  • Dry skin cream

    Organic Dry Skin Cream: Intensive Moisturizer with Ceramides and Hyaluronic Acid


    When applying this cream, skin becomes really soft and smooth. Having organic ingredients, helps the skin to be infused with potent actives that sinergystically act to prevent drying and scaling of the epidermis and because in most of the cases dry skin has as companion – sensitivity – Chamomile and Ceramides bring the natural barrier in a state of health, preventing further water loss and reduce redness. No wonder everyone loves it!




  • Organic Day Face Cream

    Organic Day Face Cream developed for sensitive skin

    • suitable for sensitive skin as offers protection against environmental factors;
    • calms and soothes irritated and dry skin;
    • feeds the skin with nutrients that are necessary for repairing;
    • creates a barrier on top of the skin that locks moisture in to prevent further loss of water.