Anti Aging Toner: Rose Water & Hyaluronic Acid

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Anti Aging Toner is recommended for mature, dehydrated, dry, normal skin and is:

• made with Green Tea extract that has anti aging properties and increases the firmness of the skin.
• rich in essential amino acids that have the role to help skin to regenerate itself;
• rich in Aloe Vera that calms the skin and has numerous vitamins and minerals essential for healthy, glowing skin like: Vitamin A, Complex of B Vitamin, Vitamin C and calcium, magnesium, iron.
• gentle on the skin conferring imediate hydration and nutrients for the skin.
• made with organic floral water and plants extract to reinvigorate the skin

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Made with organic ingredients this Anti Aging Toner is fabulous in daily skin care routine to refresh the skin. Ingredients are suitable for dry, dehydrated and normal skin types, recommended for age 30+. Is rich in antioxidants and has anti aging effect on the skin used on long term. An imediat effect will be closed pores, softened and hydrated skin.


Rose Floral Water*
Neroli (Orange ) Floral Water*
Green Tea Extract*
Silk Protein**
Hyaluronic Acid **
Aloe Vera Powder*
Preservative (Ecocert approved to be use in organic skincare)

Note: *Organic ingredients, ECOCERT GREENLIFE certified, obtained from organic farming.

**Vegetable Organic Origin

This toner is prepared in delivery day, in sterilized bottle of 50 ml. It can be used for 6 months.
Store the bottle in dark place, away of sunlight. For external use only. Keep away from children.
Texture, smell and color of handmade skin care products may slightly differ from one pack to other.

Allergies warning: For your safety, is recommended to make an allergy test before using this product: rub a small amount of the content inside of your elbow, with 24 hours prior to use. If there are any red spots, itchiness or any other discomfort, you should not longer use this product.