Organic and Natural Corns Removal Cream highly concentrated in essential oils

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Corns removal cream:

• protects the skin against infection;
• softens hardened skin;
• is anti fungal and anti bacterial;
• is highly concentrated in essential oils that have the ability to penetrate the skin.

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Corns removal cream is recommended in case of foot corns and calluses. In 10 days, if used properly, will heal the area affected by corns.

It’s highly concentrated in essential oils that have the property to soften the skin and keep bacteria away.

Tamanu Oil*
Avocado Oil*
Bay Leaf Oil*
Nigella Oil*
Neem Oil*
Castor Oil*
Pure Lanolin
Ollive Wax
Oregano Essential Oil*
Tea Tree Essential Oil*
Basil Essential Oil*
Thyme Essential Oil*
Clary Sage Essential Oil*
Fruits Acids
Vitamin A
Vitamin E

Note: * Organic Ingredients, ECOCERT GREENLIFE certified, obtained from organic farming. It can be used for 3 months. No harsh chemicals, no parabens, animal cruelty free.

Directions to use:For better results use small amounts 5-6 times a day on the affected area. Soaking in Epsom Salt with warm water can help soothing the skin and helps the cream to penetrate the dead skin more easily. Cream may stain the fabric around.

Corns Removal Cream is made in delivery day in sterilized jar of 30 ml.
Texture, smell and color of handmade skin care products may slightly differ from one pack to other.
Please keep away in dark, cold place, away of sunlight. Keep away of children. For external use only. Not to be used in case of open cuts, pregnancy.

Allergies warning:Contain NUT oil. For your safety, is recommended to make an allergy test before using this product: rub a small amount of the content inside of your elbow, with 24 hours prior to use. If there are any red spots, itchiness or any other discomfort, you should not longer use this product.


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