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  • Dark circles eye cream

    Dark Circles Eye Cream: Red Vine Extract & Caffeine


    This Eye Cream is recommended to be used in case of dark circles around the eyes. Improves blood circulation, acts like a toner and stabilizes the collagen.

  • Dry Hair Shampoo

    Dry Hair Shampoo


    Made with mild surfactants of vegetable origin that are organic certified, enriched with organic Aloe Vera powder, this shampoo is exactly what the dry hair needs.

  • Eye Cream: Retinol, Anti Aging Peptides and Frankincense



    • Is an excellent blend of pure botanicals that have the role to sooth and restore the skin to it’s natural beauty.
    • Is super hydrating and reliefs with immediate effect tight skin.
    • Has proven anti aging and anti-wrinkle effect because of the Peptides
    • Nourishes, moisturizes and rebalance the skin
    • Increases collagen production and plumps fine lines
  • Hair Growth Mask

    Hair Growth Mask


    This organic handmade hair growth mask makes the hair soft and from the first use, you can see less hair fallen at washing time.

  • Dry Hair Mask

    Hair Mask for Dry Hair: Keratin and Shea Butter


    Dry Hair Mask:

    • hydrates the hair;
    • makes the hair shinny and stronger;
    • helps hair to grow;
    • has balanced pH for hair ~ 5.5
    • feeds the hair with vitamins and minerals.

  • Healing lip balm

    Healing Lip Balm: Peppermint and Lavender


    Healing Lip Balm stimulates epithelialization, nourishes and protects the lips.

  • Men face cream

    Men Face Cream: Green Tea & Hyaluronic Acid


    Upgrade your look after shaving and target the specific needs of men’s skin with this complex Organic formula enriched in hydrating actives and plant extracts that not only calms the skin after shaving but effectively fights aging and dryness in the same time.


  • Oil for Dry Hair

    Oil for Dry Hair: Jojoba and Argan Oil


    Oil for dry hair:

    • is a mixture of the best oils for hair, that provide essential fatty acids for the nourishment of the hair;
    • castor oil – the most versatile oil out there – has proved to be hair’s best friend being succesful in treating hair loss and helping hair to grow;
    • argan oil (liquid gold) -cold pressed – rich in essential fatty acids, makes the hair vigorous and confers it vitality being helpful especially for coloured, burnt hair;
    • jojoba oil (liquid wax) has almost the same structure with the sebum on the scalp which makes it an amazing oil to treat dry hair or scalp;
    • fortifies the ends of the hair making the hair to look healthier and shinier.

  • Aloe Vera Serum

    Organic Aloe Vera Serum with Hyaluronic Acid


    Organic Aloe Vera Serum:

    • repairs and protects the skin, it can be used as toner
    • revitalises the skin being full of vitamins and minerals
    • calms the skin, has 75% Organic Aloe Vera Gel
    • can be used all over the body
    • is recommended for all skin types

  • Anti acne face cream

    Organic Anti Acne Face Cream: Tea Tree & Vitamin A, E


    • calms the redness and heals the spots keeping bacteria away from the skin.
    • soothes and restores the skin
    • is rich in vitamins like A, B and E that strengthen skin’s own defence barrier.
    • is made with natural, organic, pure, free of harsh chemicals ingredients with no adverse effects.

  • Anti Aging face cream

    Organic Anti Aging Face Cream: Alpha Hydroxy Acids and Vitamin C


    Anti-Aging Face Cream:

    • has remarkable anti aging properties
    • stimulates collagen synthesis and increases skin elasticity
    • improves wrinkled skin appearance
    • reduce skin pigmentation
    • smooths the skin and supports skin regeneration.

  • Anti Wrinkle Face Cream

    Organic Anti Wrinkle Face Cream: Pomegranate & Frankincense Essential Oil


    Anti Wrinkle Face Cream:

    • tenses the skin diminishing fine lines and prevents wrinkles apparition.
    • improves the elasticity of the skin making wrinkles less visible.
    • revitalises sallow, dull skin that lacks in natural oils;
    • promotes healthy, glowing skin;
    • made 100% with organic oils it’s an source of essential fatty acids, vitamins and
    minerals, easy to be absorbed by skin.

  • Beard Oil

    Organic Beard Oil with Argan and Acai Berries Oil


    Beard Oil:

    • softens the hair;
    • promotes hair growth;
    • moisturises the skin;
    • doesn’t leave greasy film on the beard and skin;
    • only few drops are required for each application.

  • Deep hydration cream

    Organic Deep Hydration Cream: Green Tea & Liquorice


    • offers 12 hours of deep hydration and nourishment for your skin;
    • all natural, organic, free of synthetic chemicals.
    • doesn’t clog the pores and absorbs pretty fast into the skin without sticky feeling.
    • protects the skin against premature aging as defends the collagen structures through UV filter.

  • Dry skin cream

    Organic Dry Skin Cream: Intensive Moisturizer with Ceramides and Hyaluronic Acid


    When applying this cream, skin becomes really soft and smooth. Having organic ingredients, helps the skin to be infused with potent actives that sinergystically act to prevent drying and scaling of the epidermis and because in most of the cases dry skin has as companion – sensitivity – Chamomile and Ceramides bring the natural barrier in a state of health, preventing further water loss and reduce redness. No wonder everyone loves it!




  • Green mandarin body butter

    Organic Green Mandarin Body Butter


    Green Mandarin Body Butter is recommended for dry, normal, sensitive skin:

    • prevents signs of aging;
    • softens and moisturises the skin;
    • prevents stretch marks formation;
    • improves the elasticity of the skin;
    • feeds the skin with vitamins and minerals.