About Larisa

The founder Larisa Papusoiu, a fully qualified Beauty Therapist and Aromatherapist that also studies Herbalism, Nutrition, and Holistic Therapies created NatureSpa-OnlineStore.com for those people who are interested to achieve a long term well-being and good looking skin, using ORGANIC skincare, INFUSED with the grace of highly active BOTANICALS and ESSENTIAL OILS – the life force of plants, making the promise to keep all products in the range of 94 – 100% organic.

She is motivated to serve a simple, clear and liberating cause: to keep everyone safe of all synthetic chemicals brought out on the market by the desire to stay young forever.

Throughout education, she hopes that most of people soon will embrace this cause and will make it a life standard that not only improve the quality of one’s life but has a huge impact on nature itself. Selecting the highest quality ingredients, I make sure that are coming from sustainable and fair trade sources and I know for sure what I buy by always asking for Gas Chromatography tests for essential oils, to be able to use them for their truly blessing therapeutic benefits.

How humanity evolved in this tumultuous, rapid changing environment it forgot at some point that we are and we always were best supplied by nature and we should keep things as organic as possible especially when it comes to food, drinks and skin care that are directly influencers of our general health. 

Is my goal to make the best organic skincare with amazing results for our skin, that feed and keep in balance the microbiome that our body provides for us. 

Each skin is individual, being the reflection of what’s going on inside of the body especially the gut. Together we can read the signs and help the skin the way it needs to be helped with purest, most gentle and richest plants.

That you become in love with your skin, is the highest reward I could ever receive.